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We have always said that our chards represent the total option premium. However, it actually is the Max Premium which represents the "Max Premium". The "Max Premium" is derived by using the Max Premium to calculate the time value for every option for every in and out of the money strike price down to the time value of 1. We have kept this confidential  up to now, but readers have not been able to understand what we do. Therefore:

OSCC is disclosing its proprietary option pricing formula.

OSCC over bought and over sold monthly option contracts!
What we mean is the entire spread of all strike prices taken together as a whole. Not individual option prices at a single strike price.`

Protection of our formula. 

This formula is protected by both a Patent Pending filing and a Registered Copyright. The Registered Copyright allows us to recover damages and attorney fees. We have set damages at $100.00 per option side traded, determined or data distributed per second.

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We have option charts that show the "Max Premium",
 the option premium momentum,
 and the over/under pricing of puts and calls.
We have future charts that show what we consider is the current value of the future
and the future's momentum.
Options trading, even using our options premium charts, is a high risk investment.
Please consult a qualified commodity options broker.

As of 12/29/06 we have added a new feature to our Option Premium charts.
Click here to read our definition of Option premium Momentum!

We have now added an explanation on how to use our
 over and under priced in and out of the money charts.
 *** New 5/14/06
Option Premium Explanation chart

Please take a few minutes to browse our site.
We think you'll find it interesting and informative on commodity options.
We now have charts that show the relative under or over pricing of put and call options for each contract. You will find it amazing how different each commodity is from the others.

*** OSCC Composite Option Risk Index ***
An overall look at the Commodity Option Markets

Besides all this important trading information, 
Just for fun, check out our New simpler world calendar.  
(It would make a great option expiration calendar)

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We also have a new "chart explanation page" to help explain what these charts show and how to use them.
For a better understanding of what we do please read these pages.
--- About Us What we found that prompted us to develop our option program.
--- The OSCC overview of option trading.
--- The OSCC Option Model.
--- Products
--- Policy statement
--- The Accuracy of the OSCC Option Model.

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This site relates to option trading of commodity options and futures with strategies that buy or sell puts and calls either long or short for profit on treasury bonds and notes, Dow Jones Index, soybean products, corn, wheat, oats, rough rice and T-Bond options on the CBT, Chicago Board of Trade through "floor traders". We are also doing 6 currencies from the CME, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the Japanese Yen, British Pound, Swiss Franc, the Euro FX (ECU) and the Australian and Canadian dollars. We also do 5 agriculture products, the S&P 500, NASDAQ 100 and Eurodollars related to European and Economic Monetary Union (EMU) interest rates. Commodities are a high risk speculative hedging investment and traders should use brokers for trading contracts who keep their funds and money in accounts with high rates. This site provides free commentary, and technical analysis on commodity futures and option premiums by OSCC from our futures charts and option charts for use by traders. This site no longer provides free quotes, although we do provide a free commodity ticker.