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OSCC Composite Adjusted Risk Index 09-10 07-08  05-06 03-04 00-02
OSCC Composite Total Risk Index 09-10 07-08 05-06 03-04 00-02
Agriculture Markets: Grain Markets: Currency Markets: Money Markets: World Markets:

OSCC to disclose its proprietary option pricing formula despite the economic consequences.

CME: Agriculture
  Currencies CME: Stock indexes:
CME: EuroDollars  CBT:  Bonds/Notes
CME:  CME: Stock Indexes
Feeder Cattle Australian $ NASDAQ 100  
Live Cattle British Pound S & P 500  
Lean Hog Canadian $ CME: Interest Rates:  
Euro FX EuroDollar Options
 Current Contracts
Milk KCBT:
Japanese Yen EuroDollar Options
 Mid Term Contracts
CBT: Swiss Franc CBT:   
Rough Rice
Soybean Meal Soybean Oil
  U.S. 30yr. T-Bonds  
Dow Jones Industrial Average (SM)
10 yr. Treasury Notes
5 yr. Treasury Notes

Options listed below are Coming in the future as soon as we can get option and future expiration dates back to 1/1/99. We have the data and are currently downloading it daily.

Sugar 11
  NY Comp Index Crude Oil
Heating Oil
Unleaded Gas

To reduce the load time of these chart index pages we have separated the 38 commodities we plan to do, into 5 groups each with their own chart index page. Each active group has a link to its' page. The group pages have no menu on left or text explanation, as found on the Master Chart page.
We have a new page to help explain how our charts look over time
. This is an explanation of what these charts are and how to use them.

This page contains links to all these market pages. This page also has an explanation of our option and futures charts not found on the master market pages. Comments and analysis can be found in our when appropriate. We are mathematicians and not writers so if you have questions or don't understand our explanations of our charts 
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Explanation of OSCC Option Premium Charts

These charts reflect the relative Normalized Total Dollar Option Premiums for these contracts and are not indicative of individual strike prices in the contracts.  For an explanation of our definition of Option Premium see OSCC Model Premium This will give you an idea of how to use diverging or converging premiums against one another or between contracts.
     The option contracts are done in two charts, sometimes three.
    The first chart has the 10 trading day moving average of the individual option contracts. (Milk, Eurodollars, Corn, and Dow Jones  have two, odd and Front Month expiration date contracts). In theory all contracts should have the same value, see .
    A second has a total long term 10 trading day moving average of the average of all contracts combined with the same data adjusted to a fixed $100,000 futures value as a 10 trading day moving average. A lower premium per $100,000 future means this is a better return on invested dollar.
    There are historical charts for 1999 to date for CME and 5/1/00 to date for CBT.
    The long term chart covers from 1/4/99 to Jan 2002.

OSCC Predicted Futures
What we have done is to take the algorithm we use for T-Bonds and apply it to CME Futures. Check our T-Bond page for accuracy comments and restrictions. The charts show  today's future value and our predicted value for a year from now. Also we show the difference between the two as a percent. The old format T-Bonds use a tick value. We also show for some futures how the futures beyond a year relate to our projected values. These are of course, estimates, and no reliance or decisions should be based on them without consulting other sources and a broker.
10 trading day Chart:
We have changed from a 10 week to a 10 trading day moving average because some readers have stated the detail they saw before is missing, Our Daily value is the average of all the contracts for that day. The individual contracts vary enough that it causes the daily figure to vary substantially. Therefore we show the value of a 10 trading day moving average. This seems to show good patterns that can be used to help make trading strategy decisions. For example in September 2001 a trader with this information and the advice of a broker could see that the European currency premiums were rising. There are many cross currency strategies that could have taken advantage of this. The Canadian Dollar on the other hand was steady and could have been used as a an anchor for other strategies. We are working on some algorithms that may give an idea of where the premiums are going in the next few days.

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We have a new "Chart explanation page" to help explain how our charts look over time
This page includes an explanation of what these charts are and how to use them.
For a better understanding of what we do please read these pages.
--- About Us What we found that prompted us to develop our option program.
--- The OSCC overview of option trading.
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This site relates to option trading of commodity options and futures with strategies that buy or sell puts and calls either long or short for profit on treasury bond, T-Bond, options on the CBT, Chicago Board of Trade through "floor traders". We are also doing 6 currencies from the CME, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the Japanese Yen, British Pound, Swiss Franc, the Euro FX (ECU) and the Australian and Canadian dollars. We also do 5 agriculture products, the S&P 500, NASDAQ 100 and EuroDollars related to European and Economic Monetary Union (EMU) interest rates. Commodities are a high risk speculative hedging investment and traders should use brokers for trading contracts who keep their funds and money in accounts with high rates. This site provides free commentary, and technical analysis on commodity futures and option premiums by OSCC from our futures charts and option charts for use by traders.
This site no longer provides free quotes, although we do provide a free commodity ticker.