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CME Options on 110k Lumber Futures
This chart shows the value of the OSCC Total Dollar Normalized Option Premium for these options. 
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How to read and use our charts.
Our charts show the daily average of the "OSCC Relative Normalized Total Dollar Option Premium" or "NTDOP" values of current contracts, assuming there are enough strike prices with values to make the calculation.  The charts enables a trader to see our opinion of how option premiums are changing. Option premiums change for two basic reasons. The risk that the future is going to move up or down because of market factors (this is market risk or "OSCC Real Risk") and the risk the trader takes for the amount of the change in the value of the future itself. See the NASDAQ 100 futures and option charts for a good example. A trader would of course expect a futures contract of a $1,000,000 to have a higher premium than one with a value of $100,000, market risk being the same. We remove that part of the premium by "Normalizing" the future to a value of $100,000 for one of our calculations. That is, we take out what we consider future change premium. What's left is market or the OSCC Real Risk.  Because of the way it is done, the number can be larger or smaller than the NTDOP. What is important is their relative spacing and pattern. If the "normalized premium drops away from this line it lacks "future value". Either premiums need to increase or the future needs to drop the bring the "future adjusted value down.  The reverse is also true if the "normalized premium pushes up towards  "adjusted value", either it has to much premium or the future has to rise to compensate. The lower the overall adjusted premium is means you are using less premium dollars for every $100,000 dollars of  futures you are leveraging.  Brokers can help with strategies to take advantage of these projected values. We, of course, are not responsible for any decisions a trader may make using these charts. We are not writers so if you have comments (good or bad), requests, questions, or need an explanation of our charts Please contact us at:
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